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How do your services work?

Our two primary services are 1. Retirement Home Search and 2. Downsizing and Transition Support
1. Retirement Home Search
Our services are completely FREE to families as we are funded by the sponsored retirement residences throughout greater Montreal, Laval and the South Shore.
Our Lianas Senior Advisors will:

  • Sit down with the family and complete a needs assessment survey. We will gather pertinent information from the family including physical, cognitive, medical, financial, geographical and personal information about their loved one(s) that will be involved in a potential move to a senior residence. 
  • We research the market to find the best senior communities that will meet the specific needs of our client.
  • Once the research is complete, we sit back down with the family to review all options and best case scenarios. 
  • We then organize tours for the top 2-4 senior residences that best suit their needs.
  • We then accompany the seniors and / or families on these tours and provide guidance and support throughout the search process.  
2. Downsizing and Transition Support
We also guide families with the various aspects of any downsizing or transition process.  Stefanie Cadou runs this division of the company.  Stefanie is a residential real estate broker with Royal Lepage that will personally be involved in the sale of a house or condo in greater Montreal or Laval. Her specialty is seniors in transition and holds a Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES) certification.  She will also act as the coordinator of any downsizing, estate sale or moving services that would be required. 

When should we be considering a potential move into a senior residence?

There are many factors that could contribute to the need for a move into a senior residence. There is often resistance to such a move. Seniors overwhelmingly wish to maintain their independence which is completely understandable. Open communication, honest dialogue and a desire to provide the best solution will ease the decision process. The following link to a Lianas article called “Is It Time to Move” will assist you in deciding whether the time is right or not.

What are the types of senior residences in Canada? Which one would be best for my mom?

The senior living community has evolved tremendously over the past decade and it will continue offering unique solutions to meet the ever increasing demands of an ageing society. Chapter 1 in the Lianas Senior Guide outlines the various types of senior living categories. Many senior residences provide a combination of these categories. If you are considering a move and require additional information, we encourage you to contact a Lianas advisor at 514-622-8074 for a free, no obligation consultation.

My wife and I are fully autonomous but the burden of home ownership is taking a toll. What type of residence would you recommend?

This is one of the fastest growing segments of senior living. The ideal residence is one that is considered Independent Living. It is a refreshing alternative to home ownership where one can maintain their complete autonomy while having the luxury to choose which services and social events fit your needs. Chapter 1 in the Lianas Senior Guide outlines the features and benefits of Independent Living.

One of the Lianas divisions offers “Free” Relocation Services? We all know that nothing is free!! Please explain.

Our fees are covered by the sponsoring senior residence communities when a Lianas advisor works with a family to find them the ideal residence to meet their needs.

I think it may be time for my dad to move into a senior residence but he’s insisting on staying at home. What should I do?

This is always a sensitive and emotional time. It is only natural to want to stay at home. There may be many fond memories associated with their home plus the thought of moving can be overwhelming. He may have negative thoughts of a so called “old folks home” which could only mean one step closer to the end of life. When in fact, senior communities nowadays offer a full array of services in a positive, socially stimulating environment. Be sensitive and compassionate. Listen to his concerns. You have two scenarios that could play out. One option could be to continue staying at home and provide him with customized home care services to meet his needs. The other option is to prepare him mentally that it may be time to move. We encourage you to read our blog “Is it Time to Move” Try to get him to tour a couple of senior communities so he could feel more at ease. Look for “events” that may have happened at home which could lead to a conversation about a possible move. Patience, time, sensitivity, communication and gentle prodding are tremendous assets.

What’s the process of getting into a long term care facility or nursing home?

Should private care not be an option, government sponsored senior facilities may be the right solution. In Ontario, please contact CCAC, Long Term Care in Ontario. In Quebec, please contact CSSS, Long Term Care in Quebec.