Centre d’hébergement Vincenzo-Navarro

Centre d'hébergement Vincenzo-Navarro
Long-term care nursing home (CHSLD)
7705, rue Lespinay, H1S3E9
Saint-Léonard, Quebec

Please note that this accommodation center has been closed for a few years.If you are looking for a private CHSLD, do not hesitate to contact Lianas Services and we will be happy to help you....

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The search for the ideal residence can be overwhelming. Please know that our services are completely FREE. Our experienced Lianas Senior Advisors are here to help your family. They perform full needs assessments; provide a customized list of ideal residences to meet your specific needs or the needs of your loved one(s); organize tours; and accompany family members on the tours while providing guidance and support throughout the entire process. Feel free to call us at 514-622-8074 or email us at info@lianasservices.com.

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