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avril 12, 2021

Smooth Transition to a Senior Community after Experiencing Physical Challenges

“Lianas was like a beacon in the storm or a lighthouse on the shore. Starting this process, we were stressed and overwhelmed. Ms. D. was vulnerable, nervous […]
avril 12, 2021

Transition from Independent Living to Assisted Living / Memory Care

THE FAMILY CHALLENGE Mrs. VG, 93 years old, was living in the Independent Living section of a retirement home.  Over the past two years, her physical […]
avril 12, 2021

Major Downsize and Move to Another City

“Working together they do all the work and do it amazingly well, leaving me free to undertake the many important personal matters involved in moving from […]
avril 12, 2021

Aging at Home Versus Making the Move

As the population ages, couples and individuals start considering their living options. Most homeowners would like to stay in their homes for as long as they […]
avril 12, 2021

Valuable Downsizing Tips

As our population ages, many people are considering downsizing. Some feel the timing may be ideal to sell in a hot real estate market. Others are […]