Senior Transition Tips – Helpful Advice for the Transition Process

The senior transition process can be overwhelming to say the least. As seniors remodel their lives to move into a retirement residence, they often feel displaced, disoriented, or even depressed.  A structured plan can significantly reduce the stress and emotion involved in any transition. Lianas Services provides families with knowledge, resources, and services that support…

Lianas Services Personal Stories – Transitioning from Independent Living to Assisted Living and Memory Care

“The team from Lianas was compassionate, understanding and patient. ….My brother and I now have the peace of mind that our mom is now in a safe, secure and caring environment.  I would absolutely recommend Lianas for families that are in a similar situation”. THE FAMILY CHALLENGE Mrs. VG, 93 years old, was living in…

Lianas Services Personal Stories – Husband with Alzheimer’s Challenges Results in Smooth Transition for Couple

“Thanks to the Lianas team for all their compassion, hard work and professionalism!  We would definitely and strongly recommend Lianas to others in their search for the perfect retirement home!”


Mr. and Mrs. M have been married for 60 years. Mr. M was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s several years ago and his condition has been getting progressively worse. As a result, the demands placed on Mrs. M, the primary caregiver for her husband, have become very difficult.  Mr. M weighed approximately 200 lbs and he required assistance with many day-to-day essentials.

They had been living with their daughter in Toronto for the past year but their goal was to move back to Montreal.  Having the luxury of time but also recognizing that they should be proactive as Mr. M’s condition worsens, the family reached out to Lianas to assist them with the next steps in their journey.


A Lianas Senior Advisor met with the family to perform a full needs assessment of Mr. and Mrs. M. Through this process, we mutually determined the ideal parameters including geographic location, level of care, budget, meal requirements and most importantly, their ideal environment to meet their needs.


The Lianas team performed a thorough search of all available options.  They have a database of over 1800 senior communities  and retirement homes in Greater Montreal, Greater Toronto and Ottawa.  In this particular case, the search centered around an English speaking environment in the western part of Montreal offering memory care services.  An initial list of over 20 possible options was narrowed down to three locations.

Tours were scheduled and visits were completed with a Lianas Advisor accompanying the family on the tours. From these visits, one senior community was deemed to be the best candidate that met the needs of Mr. and Mrs. M. The Lianas team and the family members worked together to find their ideal senior community.


A lease was signed and Mr. and Mrs. M moved into the senior community that specialized in Assisted Living and Memory Care. The family also used the services of a moving company that assisted them with the move from Toronto to Montreal.

The sales director of the retirement home and her team welcomed Mr. and Mrs. M and assured the family of a smooth transition.  Moves involving residences with assisted living and memory care issues can be very challenging. However, the combined effort of the family, the Lianas team and the wonderful staff at the senior community made it as smooth and transparent as possible.


“In the early stages of our search for a retirement home for my parents, who we were planning on moving from another province, we were very fortunate to have been directed to Lianas. Being overwhelmed at the thought of going through many calls and visits on top of not having any expertise, we welcomed the peace of mind that the Lianas team provided.  After our one meeting, they went straight to work and narrowed down our options to a few suitable places from the 20 or so residences in our area. They knew exactly what we needed! My parents are now 5 minutes away from my home and just love it!”

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Lianas Services Personal Stories – Smooth Transition to a Senior Community after Experiencing Physical Health Challenges

“Lianas was like a beacon in the storm or a lighthouse on the shore. Starting this process, we were stressed and overwhelmed. Ms. D. was vulnerable, nervous and very reluctant to move. The Lianas team provided us with peace of mind from the very first call. We had a strong level of comfort knowing that we were…